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You have reached the official website for Scarlet Galleon Publications, LLC. We are a privately-owned small press publishing company, offering the very best in horror, dark, speculative fiction. Our publications are detailed below. Readers will see that we have had the honored pleasure of working with some of the best, most well-loved authors in the industry, as well as some talented emerging authors.


We hope you will take time to explore our website and get to know us better.  Again...welcome!


FEARFUL FATHOMS - Volume II (Lakes & Other Bodies), Assorted Authors, Edited by Mark Parker, September 2017


Volume II of this new double-anthology features a wickedly dark story ("A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl") from Ray Garton, a short, thought-provoking tale ("Out of Her Depth") by Graham Masterton, and many other eerie offerings set on lakes and other bodies of water. Each story is accompanied by a wonderful illustration by artist, Luke Spooner. In order of appearance, the stories include: 

"Dry" by Brady Golden; "Undertow" by Ronald Malfi; "Deep Waters" by Michael Bray; "The Lake Bed" by E.G. Smith; "The Terror of Lodgepole Lake" by C.L. Hernandez; "Chums" by Doug Murano; "Damn Wrinklies" by Hunter Shea; "Crude Lake" by Darryl Foster; "Lake of Death" by David Bernstein; "Rise of Finfolkaheem" by JC Braswell; "A Proper Son" by Joshua Rex;
"The Eater" by Jeremy Robinson; "Thick Ice" by Kane Gilmour; "Rusalka" by Brian Moreland; "The Bull Hole" by Kristopher Rufty; "Revenant" by Jeffrey Kosh; "Out of Her Depths" by Graham Masterton; "Stannard Rock" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt;
"Lake Effect" by Mark Parker; "A Night at the Lake with the Weird Girl" by Ray Garton

FEARFUL FATHOMS - Volume 1 (Seas & Oceans)Assorted Authors, Edited by Mark Parker, August 2017


Volume I of this new double-anthology features a long-unpublished story ("Seascape") from Jack Ketchum, a landmark collaboration ("Widow's Point") from father-and-son writing duo, Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar, and many other eerie tales, accompanied by illustrations by artist Luke Spooner. In order of appearance, stories include: 

"Widow's Point" by Richard Chizmar & Billy Chizmar; "The Gray Man" by Mark Parker; "Fear Sun" by Laird Barron; "Carnacki: The Lusitania" by William Meikle; "Floodland" by Cameron Pierce; "Sirens" by Dallas Mullican; "Draugar" by Bryan Clark; "Old Bogey" by Lori R. Lopez; "The Lighthouse" by Annie Neugebauer; "Port of Call" by W.D. Gagliani; "Beneath the Surface" by Stuart Keane; "Once Tolled the Lutine Bell" by Jack Rollins; "She Beckons" by D.G. Sutter; "Cape Hadel" by Brad P. Christy; "Seastruck" by John Everson; "Alone on the Waves" by Eric S. Brown; "Band of Souls" by CM Saunders; "A Thousand Thick and Terrible Things" by David Mickolas; "Maelstrom" by Doug Rinaldi; "Hallowed Point" by Andrew Bell; "Wanderer" by Shane Lindemoen; "Canned Crab" by Nick Nafpliotis; "On Ullins Bank" by John Linwood Grant; "The Way We Are Lifted" by Aric Sundquist; "Surviving the River Styx" by Paul Michael Anderson; "The Water Elemental" by A.P. Sessler; "The Paper Shield" by James Lowder; "Seascape" by Jack Ketchum; "Corbett's Cage" by Shawn P. Madison; "Jonah Inside the Whale: A Meditation" by Jason Sechrest

DARKNESS WHISPERS - A Novella, Richard Chizmar & Brian James Freeman, December 2016

This chilling offering from these two beloved authors will introduce you to the town of Windbrook, a sleepy little town nestled deep in the secluded Skullkin Valley of western Pennsylvania.  All is well in Windbrook, just like always. Nothing changes here, nothing is different. Except...except today something is different. An old man with piercing gray eyes will arrive in town this morning. This man isn't human. Not even close. And he isn't coming alone. Death travels with him.


Richard Chizmar, award-winning author of A Long December , and Brian James Freeman, acclaimed author of The Painted Darkness, have combined forces to create an old-fashioned tale of horror, full of good and evil, with a breathtaking ending that will leave you wondering when this particular old man might be coming for you... 

DARK HALLOWS II: Tales from the Witching Hour, Assorted Authors, Edited by Mark Parker, October, 2016


With Dark Hallows: 10 Halloween Haunts, readers were taken to the heart of the dark holiday. But with DARK HALLOWS II: Tales from the Witching Hour, they are taken one step the early-morning realm of the 'Witching Hour,' where black magic is said to be at its most potent, and the threshold between the living and the dead grows frightfully tenuous. Lovers of Halloween and 'dark' fiction, will relish in this collection of 13 chilling tales, including all-new works from Richard Chizmar, Lisa Morton, Sean Patrick Traver, Annie Neugebauer, Ronald Malfi, Brian Moreland, James Chambers, Stuart Keane, Joshua Rex, JC Braswell, M.L. Roos, A.P Sessler, and J.D. Horn, bestselling author of the 'Witching Savannah' series.

DARK HALLOWS: 10 Halloween Haunts, Assorted Authors, Edited by Mark Parker, October, 2015


A wonderfully chilling collection of creepy tales that will have readers up late into the night...but only if they leave the lights on! This new offering from Scarlet Galleon Publications and editor Mark Parker, includes stories from industry luminaries and new voices alike: Brian James Freeman, Al Sarrantonio, Robert Morrish, Norman Partridge, Ronald Malfi, Aaron Dries, Adam Cesare, Mark Parker, and Lisa Morton. And features a never-before-published tale from Cemetery Dance founder and publisher, Richard Chizmar. Each story is beautifully accompanied by original artwork from Aaron Dries, making this a must-have for book lovers and collectors everywhere. It’s one frightful ride readers won’t want to miss. Exploring the chilling haunts of Dark Hallows, is to take a journey into the very heart of Halloween, where readers are reconnected with the best, and hopefully worst, the 'dark holiday' has to offer.

Dead Harvest: A Collection of Dark Tales, Assorted Authors, Edited by Mark Parker, October 2014


Each year, as summer fades to memory, and the sky begins to grow dark, and the leaves change color and fall, the faint, fetid scent of death—of slowly rotting things—begins to drift in, hanging on the chill air like a ghostly pall, making us wonder what this year's harvest will produce. Well...the harvest is here. And it's dead. DEAD HARVEST: A Collection of Dark Tales , contains 50 stories and nearly 700 pages of horror that will cause readers to experience fear, depravity, love, and loss. And a kind of chill that will linger. This is a crop like no other, and includes stories from: Richard Chizmar, Tim Lebbon, Jeff Strand, Ronald Malfi, Greg F. Gifune, James A. Moore, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Tim Waggoner, David Bernstein, Richard Thomas, Jon Michael Kelley, Brian Kirk, Chad P. Brown, Lori R. Lopez, Stuart Keane, Tim Jeffreys, Ahimsa Kerp, C.M. Saunders, Martin Reaves, M.L. Roos, Gregory L. Norris, Angeline Trevena, Jeremy Peterson, Christine Sutton, Gregor Cole, Lori Safranek, Jaime Johnesee, Bear Weiter, Kyle Yadlosky, Aaron Gudmunson, Sara Brooke, C.L. Hernandez, Patrick Lacey, John Grover, Todd Keisling, Jason Andrew, Dana Wright, Andrew Bell, E.G. Smith, Amy Grech, Mark Patrick Lynch, Wayland Smith, Jonathan Templar, Marie Robinson, Michael McGlade, Jordan Phelps, Nick Nafpliotis, Matthew Pedersen, Bryan Clark—and introducing Billy Chizmar. Enter the harvest and get lost . . .

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